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Account Engagement Platforms

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Account Engagement Platforms


The Customer engagement has become a buzzword for a while now. The internet is filled with articles and studies about creating meaningful customer engagement’. In today’s customer-centric world, it is no longer enough to just optimize your sales interactions. Rather, you have to consistently work to earn your customers’ loyalty and keep them engaged, especially after-sales is completed. It helps businesses in managing, analyzing, and optimizing the customer journey. It does this automatically by sending personalized messages to customers across multiple channels, devices, and platforms. Customer engagement tools also help a brand to connect all their customer data in one place and deliver a highly personalized experience for customers.


An Customer Engagement Platform or Account Engagement Platform is a platform that optimizes each and every touchpoint throughout the customer journey to drive better outcomes for customers, throughout all their interactions with your business. These touchpoints involve all the disparate sales and marketing tools your team utilizes to engage customers, such as Salesforce and CRM, your inbox, dialers, calendars, social media, notes, etc.


Many account engagement platforms of customer engagement platforms available in the market that are really great and have some mind blowing features, but a perfect and fit-for-all platform is the 6sense Account Engagement Platform. Recently 6sense has been named as a leader in B2B Customer Analytics and also a leader in Account-based Marketing (ABM) platform which are exceptional achievements for a platform that focuses on customer engagement. It was also recognized as an organization of the year for innovation in the sales and marketing industry, which assures that it is an innovative and growing platform.


Great account engagement platforms like one of the 6sense act as a one-stop that helps a brand in understanding and engaging at every customer touchpoint and the better-engaged customers are, the longer they will be loyal customers. The Customer engagement is the result of positive customer experiences. While it can be challenging for a business to keep pace with customer expectations in this fast-moving multichannel universe, it also offers companies more ways than ever to create customer loyalty and develop long-term relationships with customers. 


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